Your Syngency-hosted domain name

When you sign up for your Syngency account, we create a free, Syngency-hosted domain name for you. It looks like this:

If you are on our Premier plan, and hosting your website with Syngency, we strongly recommend that you obtain a custom domain name and redirect it to your Syngency-hosted domain. A custom domain name will strengthen your unique brand and enhance the profile of your agency on the web.

Obtaining a custom domain

It’s likely you’ll already own the domain you will be using with your Syngency website, but if you haven’t yet purchased one, make sure you register it with a provider that enables DNS changes to be made easily. Before you sign a contract with a 3rd-party provider, ask them if you’ll be able to update your own DNS records or if they have to do it for you. Some providers retain control over your DNS settings and charge you extra to change them. You’ll need to be able to redirect (or alias) your domain to your Syngency-hosted website, so look for a domain provider that will allow you to do this easily and at no additional cost.

Managing your domains in Syngency

You manage your custom domains from the Domains tab of the Settings page:

This will display a list of your domains that are in use with Syngency:

The first domain in bold is your default Syngency domain, and you will want to add two additional records for each domain you want to use with Syngency:

This will ensure that your website will appear when visitors enter either or in their browsers.

The Primary domain is the one that visitors are always redirected to if they enter any of your other domains in their browser.

Modify your domain’s DNS zones

On your domain hosts’ website, login to their control panel and find the section where you can edit the DNS zones for your domain. This is what you’ll see if your domain is hosted with MediaTemple, but this will of course look different on different hosts’ systems:

Once you have found this, follow these steps:

  1. Change your root “A record” (sometimes shown as the blank or @ record) to point to Syngency’s IP address
  2. Add a new CNAME record called www which points to your default Syngency domain
  3. If you see a TTL field and it’s editable, set the TTL to 300 seconds (or the smallest value allowed).

Note: If you are using Multi-Office domains, you will need to add additional CNAME entries for each of the office subdomains, pointing to

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