If you have added a talent or a contact in QuickBooks, instead of adding them to Syngency first, you may receive this response from QuickBooks when saving their profile in Syngency:

This is because their records in QuickBooks and Syngency are not yet linked.

Syngency should always be the master for your talent and contact records.

Usually when you create a new talent or contact in Syngency, they are automatically created in QuickBooks and linked in both systems. You can be sure that they are, because their QuickBooks ID will be displayed on the Accounts tab of the talent or contact:

This is the same number that appears at the end of the URL that appears in your browsers’ address bar when viewing the Vendor or Customer in QuickBooks:

To link the Customer or Vendor in QuickBooks to the Contact or Talent in Syngency, just copy this number from the end of the URL, and paste it into the QuickBooks ID field in their Accounts tab in Syngency. Then click Save, and they will be linked between the two systems.

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