This is where you put the title of the Booking and will be the booking name in all calendars and emails.  
In order to avoid confusion, try not to use too generic a title description, so that you are able to recognise it easily in a calendar!

You are able to select the Client from the drop down menu or create a new client using the plus symbol.

Please note: if creating a new client from a booking, you will need to go into the client contact details seperatly in order to fill in all information- such as address, phone numbers and email addresses.

The client you select here will automatically pull over to the invoice, unless you are invoicing someone different to the client, in which case you are able to select an Invoice To client under the Invoice tab.

This refers to the contact person for the booking.  You are either able to select someone from the drop down or create a new client contact person and fill in their details.  

Creating a new client contact person from the booking will automatically add them to the client contact details under contacts in Syngency.

The Status drop down let's you select which stage the booking is at.
Once the booking is ready to be invoiced, change the status to Invoiced and the Invoice tab will be populated with an invoice ready to send to the client.
If you are using Xero/Quickbooks, the invoice will automatically be created in Xero/Quickbooks.

This drop down lets you select the Agent responsible for the booking.  
It will automatically generate to the agent creating the booking, however can easily be change to anther agent at any time throughout the booking.
Please note: changing the agent will also change which personal schedule it shows up on (when selecting "My Schedule" in the Booking Calendar).

You can select which Timezone this booking is for.  The default timezone will be set to the one your Syngency account is set to.
Timezone is particularly useful if you are creating a booking for someone outside your timezone, as it will show up in their Calendar on the correct date and time.

You are able to select which Currency the job is invoiced it.
The default currency will be set to the one in your Syngeny account.

Ticking this box means that only the Agent selected in the Agent drop down menu will have access to this booking and be able to see it in their My Schedule.  
It will not show up in the Agencies Bookings Calendar.

Remember to click SAVE once you have filled out the General tab.  Only once you have saved the Booking will the Booking be created in Syngency and the other relevant tabs show up.

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