Customizing your Account Settings

Tailor Syngency to your own personal preferences in "My Account"

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Update your sign in details, email signature, account preferences, and more from the My Account page.

You can find this in the menu that appears when you click the Syngency icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen in Syngency:

The My Account page features a number of sections, where you can update your personal details, email notification preferences, password, email signature, and the panels that appear on your dashboard:


The Email Notifications checkboxes set the following:

  • Bookings – receive a copy of any Booking emails you send to models.

  • Packages – receive a copy of any Package emails you send to contacts.

  • Model Confirmations – receive an notification each time a model confirms for a booking.

  • Casting Calls – receive a copy of any Casting Call emails you send


The Password tab lets you change the password you use to sign into your Syngency account:

Email Signature

The Email Signature tab is where you can modify the signature that is sent at the bottom of each email you send from Syngency:


If you want to select which panels are visible when you first sign in to Syngency, you can select these from the Dashboard tab:

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