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Create a new Blog Post
Create a new Blog Post
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Blog Posts are similar to Pages, but can be linked to models, featured images, and organized by date. They’re commonly used as news articles, or to publish announcements.

  1. Create a blog post by clicking on New Post from the Website menu:

2. Begin by entering a Title (the URL will be generated for you automatically), and an Excerpt if you would like to use one. Then click Save.

3. Once the page refreshes, you will see a number of additional fields displayed, in particular an area to add the content for your post.
 Start by clicking on the Insert Image icon to upload an image and insert into your post:

4. When the Insert Image dialog appears, click the Upload button and select the file from your computer or another location. The image will be uploaded and will be displayed in the Insert Image dialog:

5. Hovering over the image with your mouse will reveal a blue "star" button you click to set that image as the posts' Featured Image.

6. To insert the image into the content of the post, click on the image itself so a blue border appears around it, and then click the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog. The dialog will close, and you'll see the full-sized image displayed in the content of the post.

7. The post also has a number of extra fields:

Here you can set the following:

  • The models your post is linked to in Syngency.

  • The tags your post can be searched by.

  • Whether the post is Published (appears on your website), and the date and time it was published. This sets the order in which the post is displayed relative to your other blog posts.

  • Whether the blog post is Featured (so it appears in your Featured Posts list).

  • The currently selected Featured Image.

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