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Installing the Syngency plugin for WordPress
Installing the Syngency plugin for WordPress

How to download, install, and configure Syngency's WordPress plugin

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Syngency's WordPress plugin allows you to display your model divisions and model profiles on your WordPress site, with them synced in real-time from your Syngency account.

Follow these steps to get up and running with Syngency and WordPress:

1. Install the plugin from the Plugins page in WordPress. You can also find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

2. In Syngency, enable API access by checking the box under Settings > API:

3. Copy the API Key to your clipboard, and click Save.

4. From the Plugins menu in WordPress, click Add New.

5. Click the Upload link, and then the Choose File button. Locate the plugin's ZIP file you downloaded in Step 1 on your computer, then click Install Now.

6. Once the plugin has installed you will see a Syngency tab under the Settings menu in WordPress.

7. You will need to paste your API Key and enter your Syngency domain here, in order for WordPress to connect to your Syngency account. It should look something like this:

8. Create a new page in Wordpress, and name it the same as one of your Syngency divisions. Add the syngency-division shortcode in the editor, along with the URL of the Syngency division, to display models from that Syngency division:

[syngency division="fashion-models"]

If you want to display a division of a specific office, you can also specify the office as an additional attribute:

[syngency division="fashion-models" office="chicago"]

The office attribute must be the name of the associated office subdomain you have added under Settings > Domains in Syngency.

9. Ensure the talent you want to appear on the website are Published. If they are not published, they will not be available to the API / plugin. Publish individual talent with the checkbox on the talent Details page. Publish multiple talent together from the bulk edit tools (top right) when viewing a division.

โ€‹For more detailed information on configuring and customizing the plugin, please refer to the latest README.

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