Syngency’s integration with HelloSign enables you to send electronically-signed documents to your clients and models, directly from Syngency.

eSignatures are legally binding, and HelloSign offers a fast, easy way to send and sign documents.

To get started, you’ll need to have signed up for a HelloSign API account, and be on Syngency’s Premier plan.

Setting up HelloSign

For Syngency to communicate with HelloSign, it requires the API Key from the Integrations > API section of the HelloSign dashboard. Click the Reveal Key button on the page to display your HelloSign API Key, and copy it:


Back in Syngency, click the HelloSign tab in the Add-ons section of Settings:


And paste the API Key into the HelloSign settings page:


Test Mode is useful if you are just starting out with HelloSign, and want to send test signature requests. These are not legally binding, and will not count against the monthly signature count of your HelloSign plan. Uncheck this box when you are ready to start sending eSignature requests to your clients and models.

Click the Save button and you’re ready to start sending eSignatures from Syngency!

Booking Confirmations

You can send eSignature requests to your clients, attached to your Syngency booking confirmations. From the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the Booking Confirmation tab in your booking, select Request Signature:


Select the client contact you wish to send the signature request to, and enter a message they will receive with the signature request email.


When you click Send, Syngency will send a PDF of the booking confirmation to both you and the client contact, with a signature request attached to each.


You will see the booking confirmation appear in the Documents section of your HelloSign dashboard:


Model Documents

With the HelloSign integration enabled, you will see a Documents tab appear in your model profiles. Here you can add and send documents, based on Templates that you create in HelloSign.


Before you can send documents to your models, you’ll first need to add them as Templates in HelloSign. Follow these steps to create your document templates.

Once you have created templates in HelloSign, you will need to click the Reload Templates button in the HelloSign settings in Syngency:


You can then select them from the Template list:


Once you select a Template, a Name and Email field will appear for each of the Roles you have added to the template. The models’ name and primary email address will be automatically selected for the first role by default.

Once you click Send, the document and signature request will be emailed to the model (and any additional recipients if there is more than one role created in the template), and the document will appear in the models’ Documents list:


It will also appear in the Documents list in HelloSign:


Once the document has been received and signed by the model, the document will be marked completed in the list:

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