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Customizing your Calendar view

View by booking or schedule – just your bookings, or everyone's.

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The Calendar offers two different views, depending on how you like to work. You can switch between each view using the toggle switch in the top-right corner of the Calendar window. You can find the link to the Calendar under the Bookings menu:

Bookings View

The Bookings view groups all talent schedules into a single block, colour-coded by its Booking Status. If you hover over the booking, a popover will show the Client, Agent, Talent, and their Schedule Types and Response Status (if they have accepted the booking, checked-in, etc):

The Bookings view also has a switch to toggle between "My Bookings" and "All Bookings", this is useful if you are working with a high volume of bookings in the agency, and just want to see your own:

Schedules View

The Schedules view displays all talent schedules across all bookings, and includes talent book-outs. Each block is colour-coded according to its Schedule Type, and as with the Bookings view, you can hover over a schedule to view more information about it:

The Schedules view also features buttons to switch between Month/Week/Day view, and a side-bar on the left, where you can filter the calendar by Agent, Office (if you have the necessary permissions), Division, or Talent. You can also use the Search field to quickly search for a filter.

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