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Introducing the Syngency Talent App
Introducing the Syngency Talent App

Your complete guide to downloading, signing into, and using Syngency's mobile talent app on your phone or tablet.

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It's never been easier to check to your chart/calendar and update your details from your mobile device with our Talent Portal App. Your agency can enable you to login to this Talent Portal. Below you'll find more about how utilize the desktop version of our Talent Portal:

Getting Started

To use the mobile app (or the desktop version), your agent will need to create a Syngency account for you. If you do not yet have one, please contact your agent directly.

Once your agent has created your account, you will receive an email from Syngency, prompting you to set the password for your account. Click the link in the email, and you will be taken to this page to set your password:

Once you've set your password, you're ready to get started with the app!

Download it from Apple iTunes HERE, and for Android HERE.

Signing In

When you first open the app, you will see the sign in screen.

Email - You will need to enter your email address your agency used to create your account.

Agency Name - the app will automatically fill in your Agency Name for you based on your email address.

Password - enter your password you set in the previous step, and click "Sign in".

You're In!

Once you have successfully signed in to the Syngency Talent App, your login details will be saved, so you won't have to sign in each time you open the app.

You will see five sections of the app at the bottom of your screen:

  • Notifications

  • Schedule

  • Messages

  • Galleries

  • My Profile

When the app opens, it displays the Notifications view by default. You can read more about each section below.


Your Notifications page is also your home page. Here, you'll see the most important information including any unread messages from your agent, new booking or casting call requests and bookouts. At the top of the page, you'll see a carousel of updated blog articles, podcasts, and helpful tips relating to the industry.


Schedules shows you all of your upcoming schedule information at a glance.

From the top of the page, you can toggle between Bookings, Casting Calls, Bookouts, and Calendar for a more focused view of each of the schedule types.

Bookings - All the details you'll need to prepare, plan, and get to your shoot. Tap on a job to open it up and view all of its details including call times, location address, & fees.

Tap on a specific schedule to view details such as call time, any notes, attachments, and any production details.

If you haven't yet, you can also respond to your agent by tapping either Accept or Decline when viewing your booking or casting call details.

This will send a message to your agent, notifying them that you have either accepted or declined the call time. On the day of the call time, you can also tap Check In, to let them know you have arrived on time.


You can chat in real time with your agent using Messages. The main Messages screen shows any open conversations you currently have:

Click the icon in the top-right corner of the screen to start a message to a new recipient.


The Syngency Talent App will sync all of your Syngency galleries to your device, so they are always available to take to castings, or show to clients.

From the Galleries screen, swipe left and right to switch between the available galleries:

Tap on an image to open the full gallery view, where you can swipe left and right to move through the different photos in the gallery.


Your Syngency profile is available from the Profile tab, and features your agent's contact information, your measurements, and a link to your online portfolio.

Should you wish to sign out of the app, just tap the Sign Out button in the top-right corner of the screen.

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