If your agency is using our Talent Portal then it's never been easier to check your agency chart/calendar and update your details from your desktop computer.


Once your agency has enabled your login for the Talent Portal you will be sent an email with a link to set your password and another link to your talent portal.

Once you have set your password the page will refresh and give you direct access to your talent portal via a hyperlink.

(We suggest saving your Talent Portal URL to your Bookmarks for quick reference)

If you are still unclear as yo what the URL is for your agency talent portal, use the below link template:

(replace 'agencyname' with the name of the agency you are logging into)
This link will open the login page for the Talent Portal:

Once you have signed into the Talent Portal you will be able to view your schedule, update details and upload new images and videos for your agency to use.

The menu on the left of the screen enables you to easily navigate between sections you would like to view and update.


 The Talent Portal opens into your agency Chart.

The Chart shows you the status type of everything in your schedule.  There is a key underneath the calendar to explain which schedule type each colour represents

(these can be different depending on your agency).

To view the details of a schedule, click on the item and a pop up window will appear with further information.


You are able to add bookouts (periods of time during which you are unavailable to be booked – such as vacation or school) to your chart, by clicking on a blank area of the chart. Click on a day to add the bookout to just that day, or click and drag across several days if needed. If you're using the mobile app you'll need to tap & hold on a day.

Once you add, update, or delete a bookout, Syngency will send a notification to your agent.


The profile section has tabs for updating personal info, accounts info, contacts details, measurements, relevant attachments, skills and your resume.  Once you make any changes you wish to save, make sure you click Update to save your details.

N.B. If you are unable to click on a tab to open it, it is likely this tab has not been enabled for editing by your agency.


Under Galleries you are able to update your Images, Video and Audio. These tabs will only be able to be opened if your agency has enabled them.

The images, video and audio go into an upload gallery in your agency profile, and your agency can choose which images to publish on their website.

Note: You can only view the images, video, audio you have uploaded here – if they are no longer viewable under Galleries then your agency has moved them

In order to upload media, click on the tab for media type (Images, Videos, Audio) that you are uploading.

Once you have selected the media you wish to upload, click on the Upload button. Please wait stay on the page and wait until all files have been successfully uploaded.

Note: Your agent will be notified automatically once you upload new media.


In order to view your published online portfolio, scroll down to the Divisions section and click on the Division for the online portfolio you wish to see, a new window will open showing your online portfolio and gallery.

When you are finished accessing your Talent Portal remember to Sign Out.

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