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Introducing the Syngency Talent Portal (Desktop Version)
Introducing the Syngency Talent Portal (Desktop Version)

A complete Overview for Desktop and Laptop computers.

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It's never been easier to check to your chart/calendar and update your details from your desktop with our new Talent Portal. Your agency can enable you to login to this Talent Portal. For more information on logging in, click here. Below you'll find more about how utilize the desktop version of our Talent Portal:


The first thing you'll see when logging in is your Chart. Your chart will show you everything on your schedule, color coded to represent the type of appointment as chosen by your agency. You'll see a key below the chart to show which color represents which appointment type:

To view the details of an appointment or schedule, click directly on the item to view more details:

From the Talent Portal, you can reply to your agent by choosing to Accept or Decline.


To add Bookouts (periods of time during which you are unavailable, such as vacation or school) to your chart, click in a blank area of the chart on the day you intend to add your bookout. You can also click and drag across several days if needed. You'll be able to indicate more details, including specific times you're booked out, before you save.

Once you add, update, or delete a bookout, your agency will be notified.


Your Profile section allows you to update everything including your personal information, account information, contact details, measurements, relevant attachments, skills, and your resume.  After making any changes, make sure you click Update to save your details.

Please note: if you are unable to click on a section to open it, it is likely your agency has not enabled you to make changes to those details.


Under Galleries you can update your Images, Video and Audio. The images, video and audio you upload will be available in your agency profile, and your agency can choose which media to publish on their website.

Please note: you can only view the images, video, audio you have uploaded here – if you no longer see media you uploaded previously, your agency may have removed it.

To upload media, click Images, Video, or Audio, depending on the media type you'd like to add. Drag and drop, or browse for the media you'd like to upload.

Once selected, click Upload. Please do not refresh or leave the page until all media has successfully uploaded. After uploading any new media, your agent will be notified.


To view your published online portfolio, scroll down to Divisions and choose the division you wish to see. A new window will open showing your online portfolio and gallery.

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