Link Talent in a Booking

Linked Talent: For bookings where several talent share the same schedule & fee details you can Link talent so updates are only made once

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  1. When creating a new booking, or adding talent to an existing booking, check Linked to link the selected talent together:

2. You can easily see which talent are linked within the booking by the chainlink icon next to their names:

3. Right-click a talent's name to Link/Unlink them at any time:

(With the new right-click menu, you can also view their booking Settings, Chart, and Profile, or remove them from the booking.)

4. Once you have multiple talent linked together, changing one persons' schedule or fee, will update the corresponding item for all others who are linked.

So if you change the first schedule (in this case the Option) above to Confirmed, it will set the first schedule for all the linked talent to Confirmed.

5. Please note that at this stage, Linking does not update talent's individual Notes, or any of the fields in their Settings window.

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