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Running a Talent batch payment with Xero
Running a Talent batch payment with Xero

A step-by-step guide to paying your talent via Xero, and having Syngency generate and email their remittance to them.

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Once you have Syngency connected to Xero, with Invoices and Bills created from your Syngency Bookings, you will be able to start receiving payments from your clients, and making payments to your talent.

While this process is not specific to Syngency, we will be using Syngency's automated talent statement reports to email remittance to the talent, rather than Xero's built-in remittance function.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have reconciled all of the client payments to your bank account against Invoices that are owing. Once you do this, Syngency will locate the Bills related to that Invoice, and mark them as Awaiting Payment.

Step 1: Open "Paid" Bills in Xero

From Xero's "Business" menu, select Bills to pay

This will take you to the All tab by default, make sure you switch to the Awaiting Payment tab. The page should look like this:

Step 2: Select Bills to pay

Using the checkboxes in the far left column of the list, select the Bills you want to include in the batch payment.
Note: If there are Credit Notes listed, be sure not to select them (you can't "pay" Credit Notes), or apply them first to a Bill.
Syngency's automated Credit Note applier service can automatically do this for you if that suits.

Once you have selected Bills to pay, click the Make Payment button:

Step 3: Create Batch Payment

From the Make Payment window that appears, click the Batch Payment button:

You will then be redirected to the New Batch Payment summary page, which itemises all of the Bills that will be included in the batch payment, as well as the talent's name, reference number, bank account, and any additional details you wish to include:

When you are ready to proceed, click the Make Payments button.ย 

Step 4: Export batch file and upload to your bank

These Bills have now been marked as Paid in Xero. From the Transaction: Batch Payment page that appears, click either the export the batch file link in the green notification bar, or the Export Batch File button below it.

This will download a CSV file to your computer, which you can then upload to your bank's online banking service to process the actual payment transactions.

Step 5: Remittance to Talent

As Xero's remittance email template is quite limited, we will be using Syngency's talent statement report to email remittance to the talent who have been paid.

This is identical to the "Paid" section of the Talent Statement report that can be viewed under Reports in Syngency:

The talent will receive an email with a PDF version of this report attached:

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