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Change or Set Talent display order in a Division
Change or Set Talent display order in a Division

Set Talent display order in a Division to reflect on your Website

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If your website is hosted by Syngency, you are able to choose whether you would like to use the default setting for Talent display order on your Website or set individual display orders per Division.


The Default display order is set under Settings>Languages & Region>Models Ordered By (remember to Save when you have selected the order you want).

This is the Display Order you will see when you view talent under All Talent.

Individual per Division:

If you would like to set the sort order per Division you can do this by going to Settings>Types>Divisions and selecting the Division you would like to change the sort order for (remember to Save).

When you view Talent sorted by Division this is the display order you will see.

Keep in mind that when you are creating a New Division you are able to set the Display Order when you are creating the New Division in Settings>Types>Add Type>Divisions

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