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Manually change Talent order in a Division
Manually change Talent order in a Division

Alphabetically/Manually sorting Talent in a Division to reflect on your Website

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If your website is hosted by Syngency, you are able to choose whether you would like to have your Talent displayed on your Website in Alphabetical order or if you would prefer to sort them Manually.

  1. From the Talent tab, select a Division you would like to sort

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Alphabetical or Manual

3. If you have selected Manual you are now able to click on a headshot and drag and drop it to the location in the Division you would like it to be displayed (the blue border around the talent headshot indicates that it is ready to be dragged)

From here:

To here:

4.  If you would like the Talent to be displayed in Alphabetial order again, just click on the Alphabetical box and wait while the page reloads automatically.

Please note: once you click Alphabetically and the page refreshes, all talent will go back to alphabetical order and you will not be able to return to how the Talent were ordered previously without ordering them again yourself - Manually.

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