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Custom References and Line Items in Xero
Custom References and Line Items in Xero

Use placeholder codes to specify which Syngency booking fields should be used for References and Line Items in Xero.

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When creating Invoices and Bills in Xero, Syngency uses the following defaults for References and Line Items:


Reference:          [Blank]
Line Item:            [Talent Name] - [Fee Description]       "Anna Ten - Catalog Shoot"


Reference:          [Invoice Number]-[Talent ID]                "8088-3141"
Line Item:            [Fee Description]                                  "Catalog Shoot"

Should you wish to display different information in each of these fields, special placeholder codes can be used in Settings > Xero:

Custom References

Any of the following placeholders, will use the corresponding fields from Syngency, overriding the defaults. Each placeholder must be surrounded by double-parentheses like so:

{{ booking.description }}
{{ booking.invoice_contact_name }}
{{ booking.start_date }}
{{ booking.invoice_number }}
{{ booking.purchase_order_number }}
{{ booking.job_number }}

You can also use any number of Liquid filters to manipulate the string. For instance, if you wanted the first three letters of the client's name, uppercase:

{{ booking.invoice_contact_name | slice: 0,2 | upcase }} 

Custom Line Items

The following placeholders can be used to customise each individual line item in the Invoice or Bill as follows:

{{ model.display_name }}
{{ fee.* }}
{{ schedules.* }}
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