When creating Invoices and Bills in Xero, Syngency uses the following defaults for References and Line Items:


Reference:          [Blank]
Line Item:            [Talent Name] - [Fee Description]       "Anna Ten - Catalog Shoot"


Reference:          [Invoice Number]-[Talent ID]                "8088-3141"
Line Item:            [Fee Description]                                  "Catalog Shoot"

Should you wish to display different information in each of these fields, special placeholder codes can be used in Settings > Xero:

Custom References

Any of the following placeholders, will use the corresponding fields from Syngency, overriding the defaults. Each placeholder must be surrounded by double-parentheses like so:

{{ booking.description }}
{{ booking.invoice_contact_name }}
{{ booking.start_date }}
{{ booking.invoice_number }}
{{ booking.purchase_order_number }}
{{ booking.job_number }}

You can also use any number of Liquid filters to manipulate the string. For instance, if you wanted the first three letters of the client's name, uppercase:

{{ booking.invoice_contact_name | slice: 0,2 | upcase }} 

Custom Line Items

The following placeholders can be used to customise each individual line item in the Invoice or Bill as follows:

{{ model.display_name }}
{{ fee.* }}
{{ schedules.* }}
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