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How to upload Images, Videos, and Audio
How to upload Images, Videos, and Audio

How to upload Images, Videos & Audio in the Talent Portal

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Under Galleries you can update your Images, Video and Audio. The images, video and audio you upload will be available in your agency profile, and your agency can choose which media to publish on their website. If you cannot open the Images, Video, or Audio tab, your agent may not have enabled access for you.

Only your agent has access to arrange your photos. If you need to rearrange them, please reach out directly to your agent.

Please note: you can only view the images, video, audio you have uploaded here โ€“ if you no longer see media you uploaded previously, your agency may have removed it.

To upload media, click Images, Video, or Audio, depending on the media type you'd like to add. Drag and drop, or browse for the media you'd like to upload.

*IMPORTANT: The maximum photo size is 20 MB, and the maximum video size is 250 MB. Please ensure you have a good internet connection before uploading. For more information on resizing videos, click here.

Once selected, click Upload. Please do not refresh or leave the page until all media has successfully uploaded. After uploading any new media, your agent will be notified.

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