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Liquid tags, objects, properties, and variables you can use in the Talent Submission template.

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Custom Liquids Tags

Syngency has a variety of custom Liquid tags, which make assembling your Submission form a snap.

{% form %}

Creates the outer form tags for your submission form.
It accepts a single parameter – either contact (which only sends the application information via email) or submission (which sends the application information via email, as well as creating a talent profile in Syngency).

{% select %}

Creates an HTML dropdown list, prepopulated with options, and with a value set based on what has been submitted with the form previously.

{% select id: 'gender', name: 'gender', options: genders, option_value: 'id', option_text: 'name', class:'form-control', required: 'required' %}

{% input %}

Creates a single-line HTML text input field.

{% input id: 'first_name', name: 'first_name', class: 'form-control', required: 'required' %}

{% textarea %}

Creates a multi-line HTML text input field.

{% textarea id: 'profile', name: 'profile', class: 'form-control',  required: 'required' %}

{% upload %}

Leverages Syngency's jQuery-based uploader plugin, to create an easy-to-use, customisable file upload field. Any markup contained within the open/close tags

type: image, document, video, audio

{% upload id: 'headshot', name: 'headshot', class:'form-control', type: 'image', required: 'required' %}

<span class="upload">Upload</span>
<span class="uploading">Uploading...</span>
<span class="uploaded">Uploaded!</span>

{% endupload %}

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