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How to Merge Contacts Within QuickBooks Online
How to Merge Contacts Within QuickBooks Online
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  • Combining duplicate Contacts in QuickBooks Online

  • Merging an original QuickBooks Contact with a Contact in QuickBooks created by the Syngency sync


  • Syngency

  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:

  • Please note that when merging the Contacts you must ensure that the Contact with the Syngency ID (eg. Syngency 1234567) is the one that remains active. The original Contact in QuickBooks Online is the one that will need to be merged into the one with the Syngency ID.


  1. Within QuickBooks Online navigate to John Doe.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Copy John Doe within the Display Name field.

  4. Navigate to the original John Doe in QuickBooks Online.

  5. Select the Edit button.

  6. Paste John Doe into the Display Name field.

  7. Select to save the Contact.

  8. Select Yes within the prompt that asks if you would like to merge Contacts.

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