• Trust Transactions Not Syncing to Quickbooks Online with Sync Error 6140

  • Quickbooks Error Code (6140): Duplicate Document Number Error

  • Quickbooks Error Code (6140): This number has already been used. DocNumber=(Number) is assigned to Journal Entry


  • Syngency

Additional Information:

These resolution steps are specific to manually entered Trust Transactions unrelated to payments against Bills or Trust Requests.


  • A specific setting was enabled in Quickbooks Online resulting in Trust Transaction sync error (6140): Duplicate Document Number Error.

  • It could also be caused if a Manual Journal entry was made in Quickbooks and now Syngency is trying to make a new Journal entry with that same number


In Quickbooks Online:

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Advanced Settings

  3. Disable “Warn if duplicate journal number is used”

In Syngency:

  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Bill Syncing

  3. Locate the Error Code by scrolling down

  4. Click Retry

  5. Wait for the next sync cycle to re-sync.

  6. If the steps above don't work, the manual journal entry may have to be deleted.

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