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Viewing and Updating Your Profile (Mobile)
Viewing and Updating Your Profile (Mobile)

Viewing and updating your Syngency Talent Profile on the mobile app.

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The Profile section in the mobile version of the Syngency includes all of your details, contacts, and files directly on your device.

You'll see any of your agency portfolios as well as your details including ethnicity, hair and eye color, and your measurements. Click and hold a measurement you want to edit on the app:

Add a new measurement by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

You can update your contact information in the Contacts tab in the same way - hold down what you want to update and a modal will pop up to update the information. The My Files section of your profile will save any file you've uploaded using the app for quick reference. For example, if you recently uploaded a slate for a casting call, you can easily access that same file for another casting call in the future.

Go to your Settings to update your app to dark or light mode, or log out of the app.

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