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Managing your Schedule (Mobile)
Managing your Schedule (Mobile)

Viewing and managing your schedule in the Syngency Talent mobile app.

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In the Schedule section of the Syngency mobile talent portal, you can view details for any bookings or casting calls, manage any bookouts, and view your calendar at a glance.

The first page shows you today's bookings, as well as any upcoming. You can toggle between the bookings that are new, accepted, or declined. Click directly on a booking to see more details including exact time, fees, any notes, and your agent's contact information.

For new bookings or casting calls, you'll be able to accept or decline from the app. Your agent will be notified when you do so.

From Casting Calls, you can view details of upcoming casting calls and upload any self tapes or media casting has requested right from your phone.

In Bookouts, you can view and edit any dates you won't be available to work. Bookouts can be for full days, like if you're headed on a vacation, or for specific hours if you're scheduled for a shift or are taking a class.

Finally, the Calendar page shows you everything in a more traditional calendar view. By default, it will display two weeks at a time, but you can swipe down on the bottom of the calendar to display a month at a time.

The colors you'll see in your calendar, and throughout the entire Schedules section of the app, are color coded to represent the type of appointment as chosen by your agency.

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