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Sending a Sign document from Syngency
Sending a Sign document from Syngency

Once you have your Sign templates configured in Settings, you can send Sign documents from any booking, talent or contact profile.

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Once you have set up your Sign templates in Syngency, you're ready to send a document based on that template from any booking, talent or contact profile.

Documents are located in the Documents tab of any talent or contact profile:

Or from the Documents section of the talent's tab in a booking:

Click the Add Document button in either location to open the Document modal:

Selecting a template from the Template dropdown will automatically add and populate Name and Email fields for the signer(s) configured in your Sign template.

You can then either Save the document or click the dropdown arrow next to the button and Save and Send which will save the document before sending it to all signers.

Once the document has been created, it will appear in the Documents list, along with its Sent and Completed status.

You can click the View Preview button at any time to view the current state of the document.

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