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Configuring your Sign templates in Syngency
Configuring your Sign templates in Syngency

Before you can start sending Sign documents from Syngency, you first need to load and configure them in Settings.

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Load your Sign templates into Syngency

Go to Settings > Sign and click the top-right button labeled Reload Templates:

This will load your active Sign templates into Syngency. The page will refresh and you will see your new template in the list. Click on it to open the Document Template modal.

Select your template settings

Choose the template Type – this is where you will want documents of this type to be created in Syngency.

Select the matching user type that each signer role corresponds to. In this case, the "Talent" signer we created in Sign, will be completed by the Talent.
If agents also need to sign a document, you can add them as a signer in Sign, and then map them to the "Agent" user type in Syngency.

If you added any Custom Fields to your Sign template, you can then select which corresponding fields in Syngency should map to each one:

These will be populated by the data in your booking, talent, or client profile when you send your document.

Save your template, and then you're ready to send a Sign document from Syngency.

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