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Adjusting Notifications on the Syngency Mobile App
Adjusting Notifications on the Syngency Mobile App

If you want to enable to change any push notifications from the Syngency Mobile App, follow these directions

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The first time you download and login to the Syngency Talent App, you'll likely see a popup on your phone asking whether you'd like to enable push notifications:

If you want to change these settings in the future, for example to allow or remove push notifications, you'll need to navigate to your phone's Notification settings. Scroll to find the Agency Talent app (it will have the Syngency logo) and edit the notification settings as you like.

If you are using an Android, after navigating to your settings, go to the Apps section, then select the Agency Talent app, and finally select Notifications.

Please note: currently, there will not be a red bubble, or badge, and number to indicate there are unread notifications from your phone's home screen.

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