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Receiving and Responding to Requests
Receiving and Responding to Requests

Learn what types of requests you'll see on Source & Cast and how to respond.

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Congrats! A Casting Director is interested and is reaching out for some more information or booking you for a job. On Source & Cast, there are a few different request types:

  1. Information Request

    Information requests are an easy way Casting can reach out to you to get more details or ask questions before they move forward with you. You'll be notified on the app or via email, just select one of the options they've given you and submit!

  2. Availability Request

    Casting may also reach out to you to see if you're available for a specific time and date. This might be for a shoot or a fitting or something else where you're needed at a specific time. Respond Yes or No and submit your availability. Keep in mind, this is Casting seeing who might be available for a job, not a confirmation you've booked it quite yet.

  3. Booking Request

    When Casting is ready to move forward with you and book you for a shoot, you'll receive a Booking Request. Similar to the Availability Request, you'll confirm whether or not you're available for the booking.

  4. Call Time

    You've confirmed any and all requests and Casting's ready to give you all the info you need for a shoot! Your Call Time information will include time, date, location, and who your contact will be on the day of the shoot. Make sure you acknowledge the Call Time and then go break a leg!

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