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Instagram follower counts and feeds
Instagram follower counts and feeds
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Syngency connects with Instagram's APIs to provide media feeds and follower counts for agency and talent accounts. What Instagram provides depends on the type of Instagram account you have, and whether it's been connected to Syngency.

Follower counts

When you add an Instagram username to the talent or agency Social Media settings, Syngency will attempt to retrieve the follower count. This doesn't require authorization, however Instagram will only provide this if the username matches a professional (Business or Creator) account. Instagram will not share follower counts for personal accounts. After the initial follower count request, Syngency will refresh this count from Instagram periodically.

Follower count requests are rate-limited by Instagram, so requests may be queued instead of updating immediately.

If you want to manually add or override the follower count for talent accounts, you can do this in the followers field beside the username.

Media feeds

In order to display media feed thumbnails from Instagram on your Syngency website, Instagram requires that Syngency must be authorized to retrieve this data by the account owner.

You will need to log in to Instagram to authorize and connect the account, so all talent will need to connect their accounts individually.

For agency accounts, you can do this via Settings > Social Media, then click on 'Connect' beside the Instagram account. When connecting your account via your web browser, Instagram will automatically try to connect with the currently logged-in account. To avoid connecting the wrong account, ensure you're logged out of Instagram, or logged into your agency account, or connect via a private / incognito browser window.

Talent accounts can be connected by the talent via the Agency Talent mobile app, or via the Talent Portal.

Once connected, the media feeds will be immediately available for use on your Syngency website and will be regularly updated.

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