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Sending a signable deal memo from Syngency
Sending a signable deal memo from Syngency

Syngency Sign can embed signature fields in your existing deal memo template, so they can be signed by clients quickly and easily.

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Once you have Sign connected to your agency account, you'll see a new Request Signature option in the dropdown of your Deal Memo/Booking Confirmation tab in a booking:

You can then select the client contact you wish to send the document to for signature:

It sends just like a standard deal memo does:

Your client then receives an email with a link to view and sign the document:

Which opens the deal memo in Syngency SIgn, with a prompt for them to sign.

The sent booking confirmation is included in the Documents tab of your Syngency booking, with a notification that it is incomplete:

Once the client signs the document, they have the option of viewing or downloading a copy of it:

You will receive an email notification that they have signed:

And the document will be marked as Completed in Syngency:

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