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Adding additional Accounts to Mobile App
Adding additional Accounts to Mobile App

You are able to add multiple Agency accounts to your Sygency Mobile App

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If you are signed up to multiple Agencies that use Syngency you can easily remain signed in and switch between accounts.

Start by logging in to the App with your primary email address - you can select which account you want to log into first by using the drop down arrow in the account bar (below the email address).

If you are already logged into an account, then you can jump right to the next step below.

Example of two agencies to sign in to:

Once logged in, swipe right in order to get to the Accounts set up page.

Select 'Add an account' from the options

Type the primary email address and password registered with your other agency (agencies) and select 'Add Account'

You will now see multiple agencies appearing in the list.

You can switch between these by selecting which one you would like to view.

Please note: Schedules are not shared between the agencies so you will need to view each agency calendar individually.

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