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Using the read-only public API
Using the read-only public API

Simple read-only API is available for use with third-party integrations.

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Syngency provides a collection of read-only JSON endpoints for general consumption by a website or third-party integration.

This can be enabled from Settings > API by checking "Enable API Access" and saving the page. You will then want to copy the API Key displayed in the form field:

This should be used to authenticate each request made to the API, by including it as the following `Authorization` request header (obviously substituted with your own API key):

Authorization: API-Key a0b7ec67af2ea8765c6c8155c4ca24dd

Typical HTTP response codes will include:

  • 200 – Valid request, you will receive a JSON payload in the body of the response.

  • 403 – The Authorization header is not present in the request.

  • 401 – An invalid Authorization header has been provided.

Once authenticated, you can make requests to the following URLs:


Retrieves a list of currently published divisions.


Retrieves a list of currently published talent in a division.

Retrieves a talent profile within a division.


Retrieves a list of published Syngency pages.


Retrieves the content for a published Syngency page.

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