Any event or job that is entered into the calendar is referred to as a Booking, whether it is tentative, definite, a paid or unpaid job, a test shoot, casting etc. Booking Statuses and Schedule Types are color-coded, and used across the calendar and in drop-down menus.

Booking Statuses

Bookings in Syngency are grouped by their current status, which can often change through the month:

  • Open – a tentative booking that is yet to be confirmed, pending client approval or talent availability.
  • Non-Billable – a definite booking that has no model fees attached to it, and will not be invoiced for (such as a test shoot, or a casting).
  • Billable – a definite booking that has model fees attached to it, and will be invoiced for at the end of the month.
  • Invoice Ready – a completed booking that ready to be invoiced to the client.
  • Invoiced – a completed booking that has been invoiced to the client, and is awaiting payment.
  • Paid – an invoiced booking that has been paid by the client.
  • Cancelled – a previously active booking that has since been cancelled.

During the course of the booking process, it may be typical for an Open booking to be changed to Billable, then to Invoice Ready, Invoiced, and finally Paid.

Schedule Types

A variety of Schedule Types can be assigned to a model’s call times that make up a booking:

You will notice that Castings share the same blue as Non-Billable bookings, Options share the same orange as Openbookings, and Confirmed Jobs the same red as Billable bookings.

While Lockouts aren’t a booking schedule type as such, they will appear on a models’ chart and the Schedule View of the main Booking Calendar, alongside the other schedules.

Models’ call times for a booking will often consist of different schedule types:

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