Adding Fees

  1. Start by clicking on the Talent name in your Booking that you would like to add the fees to.
  2. Next click on Add Fees in the Fees tab

      N.B. you are able to add more than Fee tab per talent

 3.  A pop up window will open with all the information needed to Add Fees

 4.  You are able to write as much or as little as you need into the Description box.  This information appears on the Invoice as the line item.  

5. If the job is charged at an hourly or daily rate rather than a set fee, you are able to insert the rate here and the fee will automatically be calculated and populate the Total Amount box.

6.  You can also manually type in the fee amount.  Untick the "Talent paid full amount" box if the amount paid to the model is different to that charged to the client.

6. If you have an Agency Fee inclusive amount, simply type in the full amount and click on the calculator to Calculate Incluse

7.  You are able to manually adjust the Agency Fee charged to the client here (this will also affect if you have you used the Calculate Inclusive button) .

8.  Should you be charging the client in a currency different to your default currency, you are able to select a different currency under the Genereal tab on the Details page of your Booking

9.  If the Talent status is set to Released the Talent Fees will not appear on the invoice.  All other Statuses enable the fee to appear (however Released will override)

10.  Remember to Save before exiting the pop up - clicking Save will save and automatically exit the pop up back to the Booking

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