1. Click on Talent tab

  2. Select New Talent

3. A pop up window will open for New Talent details.
4. Hit Save once you are done filling out details (bottomr right of screent)

The talent has now been saved to the Syngency database.

NB: the default is that the Talent is not published.  Go into the Talent Profile>Details and tick the Published box in order for them to appear on your website.

Next steps:

  1. Add account information: see Talent Glossary for terms explained 

  2. Add further information as required: see Talent Glossary http://support.syngency.com/talent/talent-glossary

  3. Upload Gallery images and create a headshot (if you have not one so already)

  4. Publish talent to your website by ticking Published in the Personal tab under Settings

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