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Add a bookout/lockout for a talent
Add a bookout/lockout for a talent

When talent aren't available to be booked, you can add a lockout to prevent them from being double-booked

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When a model is unavailable for a period of time (studying for finals, away on vacation, etc) you will want to book them out in Syngency so they are unable to be booked.

You can easily do this by going into the talent Chart in their Profile.


Adding a lockout from the models’ chart is quick and easy. Simply click and drag across the dates you want to add the lockout to, and click the New Bookout tab in the Chart window that appears.

Enter a description for the bookout, click Save and the bookout will appear in the chart:

Once a bookout is added for a model, a warning will be displayed when they are added to a booking during that time period:

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