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Booking Statuses and Schedule Types explained
Booking Statuses and Schedule Types explained

The differences between Booking Statuses and Schedule Types, and how they are used in Syngency.

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Any event or job that is entered into the calendar is referred to as a booking, whether it is tentative, definite, a paid or unpaid job, a test shoot, casting, etc.
Booking Statuses and Schedule Types are color-coded, and used across the calendar and in drop-down menus. It's important to know the differences between them, and how they're used in Syngency, before you get started.

Booking Statuses

Syngency uses the concept of a "booking status" to indicate at which stage in the billing cycle a booking is.

  • Open - The booking is tentative ("pencilled-in"), or isn't yet confirmed by the client.

  • Non-Billable - The booking is confirmed, but won't be invoiced. Generally used for castings or test shoots.

  • Billable - The booking is confirmed, and will be invoiced upon completion.

  • Invoice Ready - The booking has been completed, and is ready to be invoiced. If an Invoice Number and Invoice Date isn't already entered, these will be populated automatically.

  • Invoiced - An invoice has been created, and sent to the client for payment.
    If you are using our Xero or QuickBooks integration, changing a booking status to Invoiced will also create the invoice in Xero or QuickBooks.

  • Closed - The client has made payment, talent have been paid, and the billing process is complete.

  • Cancelled - The booking was cancelled.

Not to be confused with the individual schedule types of the talent within the booking, the status is specific to the booking overall. However, you will notice that the colors of the Open, Non-Billable, and Billable statuses, correspond with the default colors used for Option, Casting, and Confirmed schedule types.

Please note: Booking Statuses are system-defined, and are unable to be edited or customized.

Schedule Types

A variety of Schedule Types can be assigned to a model’s call times that make up a booking:

You will notice that Castings share the same blue as Non-Billable bookings, Options share the same orange as Open bookings, and Confirmed jobs the same red as Billable bookings.

While Lockouts aren’t a booking schedule type as such, they will appear on a models’ chart and the Schedule View of the main Booking Calendar, alongside the other schedules.

Models’ call times for a booking will often consist of different schedule types:

You can customize and edit Schedule Types from Settings > Types.

See this article for more information on how to do this.

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