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Add a Talent Schedule to a Booking
Add a Talent Schedule to a Booking

Schedules hold the Booking dates and Locations

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See the below steps to easily add a Schedule to Talent in your Booking

Please note – all the information filled out in the Schedule section will be pulled into the Talent email.

  1. Click on the Talent name you would like to add the Schedule too

2. Click on the Add Schedule button on bottom right of the Schedule tab. Β A pop up window will open.

3. You are able to add Dates for the Booking here. Multi-day schedules can be displayed as a single event (by checking Single Event checkbox), or an individual schedule for each day.
​Single Event will show up in the Talent Chart as one single schedule whereas separate Dates will show up as multiple schedules.

Single Event

Talent chart view:

Separate Dates

Talent chart view:

4. Select your schedule times, or leave the fields blank if you want the schedule to be TBC

5. Next you are able to select a Schedule Type these are colour coded and will appear on the Talent Chart as that colour

For Option you are able to select 1, 2, 3 or 4 Option if applicable

6. You are now able to select a Location from the dropdown menu. The Location is pulled from the Location tab in the main Booking details box.

7. You are able to write Notes that are specific to this Schedule (not the location – you can add Location Notes when you first enter the Location) you are able to add different notes into each Schedule

8. If you have added a Schedule to a Talent and the dates conflict with another Booking, you will be alerted to the Conflict when you try to Save the booking.

You are given the option to Override the other Booking should you need to.

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