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Send a Casting Call to recipients
Send a Casting Call to recipients

Easily email your talent Casting Calls

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Sending out Casting Calls is done easily like this:

  1. To email the casting out to the talent, go to the Send tab.  Once there, you are able to write the email you wish to send to your talent.  You can also select if you would like the Attend/Decline buttons to appear in the email.

  2. To Preview your email prior to sending in, click the Preview button at the bottom left of the page.  A new tab will open on your browser to Preview.

  3. Once you are ready to send, click Send on the bottom right of the screen.  Here you can also select who you wish the email to go to - either All Recipients; Only Unsent (if you have added new people to the casting after you have already emailed it out);  Only Sent, Not Responded (if you are waiting to hear back); Only Accepted or Only Declined (these are useful if there has been a change to the Casting Call that may change talent acceptance or declining of the casting).

  4. Once sent, a pop up will appear on your screen to let you know it has been sent.

Keeping track of emails sent and responses it easy, by using the Activity log:

  1. You can see who has received/accepted/declined the casting email, in two places – under Activity (final tab on the left of the page) or if you go back to the Recipients page, you can see their Status on the right of the page under Status.



2. Once talent have started to Accept or Decline the Casting Call, you are able to view a list under Recipients. Click the Attendees tab on the bottom left of the page. A new tab will open in your browser to show you who is attending and at what time (if you have given them this option).

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