Add Talent to a Booking

Easily add to Talent to any Booking

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Add Talent to a Booking easily by following the below steps

  1. Open the Booking you are working on

  2. Click on the Add Talent bar at the bottom of the main Booking box

3. A pop up  window will open

4. Start typing the name of the Talent you wish to add to the Booking

5. To select the Talent click on their name, a tick will appear next to the selected Talent name and they will move into the bottom of the list, under Currently Selected.  You are able to select several talent at once in this window

5.a.  By clicking on the Linked box, you are linking the selected talent together.  Which means that any changes made to one talent, will automatically be made to the others that were selected as linked.

6. To add Talent to the booking click on the Add button, Talent will automatically populate the Booking

7. You are able to add new Talent at any point in the Booking by going back to the Add Talent bar.  You can choose to add Talent either with blank details or if you choose to you can Clone details from previously added Talent. You can also choose to link any of the newly added talent.

8. Once Talent have been added to a Booking they will appear at the bottom of the main Booking box.

9.  If talent are linked, a link image will appear next to their names.  To unlick talent, right click and select unlink.

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