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Why is Sales Tax not charged on my Invoice
Why is Sales Tax not charged on my Invoice

What to do if Sales tax (GST/VAT) is not showing on your invoice

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If you have created an invoice and the Sales tax is not showing when it should, it is usually because the Client (or talent) that the invoice is charged to does not have 'sales tax added' checked under Accounts. (Note) Adding Sales Tax to a Talent's profile "Account" is only available for agencies that have tax settings set up.

This is an easy fix and only takes 4 steps:

  1. Search for your client contact and go into their details

  2. Go into the Accounts tab

  3. Tick the box that says: Charged Sales Tax

  4. Once the box is ticked, Sales tax will be charged.

NB As a default, Charged Sales Tax is always ticked when creating a new contact.


You can easily add Sales tax to a talent's fees by making sure the talent has 'Sales Tax Applicable' checked in their account. ย 

This is easy to do:

  1. Go to the talent Profile in Syngency

  2. Click on their Accounts tab

  3. Next to the talent Tax ID number there is a box for 'Sales Tax Applicable' make sure this box is ticked in order for Sales tax to be charged directly on talent fees.

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