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Importing Talent and Contacts
Importing Talent and Contacts

Use our import templates to load your existing talent and contact data into Syngency

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If you have talent or contact data that you would like to import into Syngency from other sources, just follow these steps:

  1. Open our Import Templates in Google Sheets.

  2. Download either the Talent or Contact sheet, depending on what you would like to import. You can do this by selecting File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv), or just click either of the links above.

  3. Open the downloaded CSV file (you will need Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or a similar spreadsheet application to edit the file), and complete the fields with the data you would like to import.

  4. Be sure that the fields in the header row (First Name, Last Name, etc) of the CSV are not modified. Only add your data below them.

  5. Make sure you export the file as a CSV again, not as an Excel or Numbers document.

  6. In Syngency, open Settings, and click the Import/Export button at the bottom of the Settings menu.

6. From the Import tab, select whether you want to Import either Talent or Contacts, and if you want to update any existing records, or overwrite them. You can also set a limit on the number of rows to import, if you would like to test with only a few first.

7. Click the Browse button and select the CSV file you have added your data to, and click the Import button.

8. Syngency will attempt to import your data, and notify you of any errors.

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