"Right-click" context menus

Use your right mouse button throughout Syngency to open a quick list of helpful actions

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Bookings, Packages, and Charts all offer context menus that can be opened using the right button on your mouse, and offer a selection of additional functions.
Here's where you'll find context menus available in Syngency:

Agency Calendar (Bookings View)

Change the status of a booking:

Agency Calendar (Schedules View) / Model Chart

Change the type of schedule:

Change the talent's response status:


In a booking's Talent list, right-click on a talent's name to:

  • Link/Unlink them with other talent

  • Open their booking Settings (where you can change Commission, Division, etc)

  • View their statement for this booking

  • View their Chart

  • View their Profile

  • Remove them from the booking

Casting Package

Right-click on a talent's headshot to:

  • Select which gallery their package link opens

  • Edit their Notes

  • Set an alternative Headshot

  • View their profile

  • Remove them from the package

Gallery Package

While in selection mode, you may right-click on a talent's gallery to either Add or Remove all of the images in that gallery to/from the package:

We're always adding new right-click functions throughout Syngency, and will let you know when new options are available.

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