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Do a Talent Search using specific parameters
Do a Talent Search using specific parameters

Searching for talent by Skill, Height, Shoe Size and more

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Searching for Talent by using specific parameters has never been easier! 

Using only a steps you can find a female between the age of 20 - 25 with brown hair who can skateboard.

  1. Click on the main Talent tab at the top of the screen and select Search Talent

2. The page will refresh and you will be taken to the Search page, with a list of all the parameters you can use to Search and Select talent.

3. The list shows the types of Searches you can do.  Click on the tab for your main search term and it will expand to give you more options and to select or type your parameters.

4.  If you are searching by Skill (for instance) you can click on the scroll arrow and then start typing the skill you are searching for.

5.  The stars next to the skill indicate the level of competence you require.  You can leave this blank or select a star.

6.  The plus button enables you to add a second Skill to add to the search.

7.  You can select as many parameters in one search as you need to.

8.  Once you have selected all your search parameters, scroll to the bottom of the list and hit the Search button.

9.  The talent that fit your criteria will appear in the Results field.

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