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Add Expenses to Talent in a Booking
Add Expenses to Talent in a Booking

You can easily add Expenses to a Booking, to be reimbursed to the Agency or the Talent

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You can easily add Expenses that have been advanced for a Booking, by either the Agency or the Talent to the Booking and Invoice.

  1. Start by clicking on the Talent name in your Booking that you would like to add the Expenses to.

  2. Next click on Add Expense

   3. A pop up window will open to add information regarding the Expenses

    4.  If Expenses are being reimbursed to the talent, make sure the Reimbursed to Talent box is ticked 

    5. Make sure to check whether or not Agency Fee is being charged on this Expense
     6. Click Save once you have finished filling out the information.

NB  Multiple Expenses are able to be added, simply click Add Expense to add more Expenses as seperate line items.

    7.  If there are receipts that need to be added to the final Invoice, you can add these under Attachments in the main Booking tabs.  Once you go to Email PDF (in Invoice tab) there will be a drop down to select Attachments to send.

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