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Duplicating a Booking

How to create a duplicate of an existing Booking, and move its schedule dates accordingly.

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Follow these steps to duplicate an existing Booking:

  1. On the Details tab of the booking you want to duplicate, find the blue Save button in the bottom-right of the page.

  2. Click the arrow to the right of the button, and select Duplicate Booking

3. In the Duplicate Booking window that appears, you can change the Description and Status of the new booking, as well as selecting the new Start Date*, and which talent you want copied across to the new Booking:

* Changing the Start Date will adjust the start/end dates of all talent schedules in the booking accordingly. 

For instance, if the Start Date of the existing booking is September 14, with talent in the booking having two schedules each:

  • Fitting - September 14

  • Confirmed - September 15

Changing the Start Date to September 20 will adjust the schedules in the new booking to the following:

  • Fitting - September 20

  • Confirmed - September 21

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