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Why you should Terminate rather than Delete a Talent Profile
Why you should Terminate rather than Delete a Talent Profile

Implications of Terminating vs Deleting talent profiles

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Talent come and go, so there may come a time when you wish for certain talent to be removed from your Syngency Database.

Stop and Think.

If this talent has been involved in any Bookings which you may wish to access at some point in the future, you should Terminate rather than Delete their account.

Terminate a Talent account

To Terminate a talent account, go into the Details section of their profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and in Settings tick the Terminated box (make sure you also untick all other boxes)

Terminating a talent account account means that all their bookings and details are still easily accessible within your Syngency account, but that the talent will no longer show up when you go to create a New Package, Casting or Booking.

The only way to find and access terminated talent profiles, is by going into the All Talent tab and searching by Status: Terminated.

Deleting a Talent account

Deleting a talent account removes all trace of a talent within Syngency.  So they are removed from any Bookings they may have been on (all fees, schedules etc are gone), they are removed from any Packages they were in, their Gallery is deleted - bascially everything to do with this talent is removed from Syngency.  

It requires a lof of time and effort to retrieve a deleted talent account and all the bookings etc that go with it, which is why Syngency asks: Are you sure? when you go to delete a talent and gets you to type in the talent name before allowing you to press Delete.  

It is near impossible to delete a talent profile by accident.

So before Deleting a talent profile, Stop and Think, and maybe you should mark them as Terminated instead.

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