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Create Mother Agency Statements (Bills)
Create Mother Agency Statements (Bills)

Easily create statements (bills) for Mother Agencies who have talent placed with your Agency: what you owe them

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You are only able to create and view Mother Agency Statements if your Syngency account has access to Reports (this requires an Administrators account).

The first step to ensuring you are able to create these Statements accurately, is to make sure that the Talent have their Mother Agency listed correctly in their Agencies list.  (This is also where you would set the Mother Agency Commission percentage)

Now that you have added a Mother Agency to the talent, you can view the Mother Agency Statements like this:

Go to the Reports tab in the Syngecy menu bar.

Use the drop down menu to select Report type: Mother Agency Commissions.

If you have multiple offices you are able to select which office you are viewing for, unless you wish to view all, then leave this field blank.

Date Range
Use the date picker to select the date range you wish to view.

From the drop down menu under Agency, select which Agency you wish to view the Report/Statement for.

Here you are able to select if you would like to view All bookings or only Paid or Outstanding ones.

View Report
Once you have made your selections, click the View Report button on the bottom right of the screen.

The page will refresh and generate a Statement showing bookings made by talent who have this agency as their Mother Agency.  It shows the job amounts and Mother Agency commission breakdown.

Export to PDF
If you scroll to the bottom of the Report page, you will see the ability to export the Statement to a pdf by clicking on Export to PDF

This will open a new window in your browser and enable you to dowload and/or print the Statement for easy sending.

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