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Activate a talent's account for the Talent Portal and Mobile App
Activate a talent's account for the Talent Portal and Mobile App

Activate a talent's Syngency account, so they can access the Talent Portal and Syngency Mobile app.

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Granting your talent access to the Syngency Talent Portal will make their lives, and yours, easier than ever!

The steps below outline activation for individual talent accounts, please see this article on how to Activate Talent Portal accounts for an entire Division, Office, or Group.

To activate an individual talent in the Talent Portal:

  1. Find your talent's profile by clicking Talent and either All Talent or Search Talent

  2. Click on the talent's photo to view their profile details

  3. Click to edit the Contacts section of the profile

    1. Enter, or ensure the talent's Primary Email is filled out accurately.

    2. Please note: This email address must be unique for this talent. If you have several talent using the same primary email address, such as family members, you must amend the emails to make them unique.

  4. On the bottom left of the page, find the Talent Profile section for the talent

  5. Click Activate Account

  6. A pop-up will appear with a pre-populated email to send your talent all the information they need to access their account.

    1. You can customize this email if you would like. However, please do not amend any login details.

  7. Click Send Invite

Once you've sent the invitation, talent will be asked to create a password to login to the Talent Portal. For more information on the talent's experience using the Talent Portal, click here.

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