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Sending one-off emails to your talent and contacts
Sending one-off emails to your talent and contacts

Easily reach all/some of your talent and/or contacts with an email sent directly from your Syngency account

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Sending an email to your talent (individual recipients, groups, or entire divisions or offices) and/or contacts has never been easier!  You can do this from your Syngency Admin account.

Follow these four simple steps to send a one-off email within minutes.

1. Click on the envelope icon in the top right corner of your Syngency screen, to the left of the Search field.

2. A modal window will open, which will let you select who you would like this email to go to:

3. Write your message and select whether or not you would like to receive a copy of your email by ticking "Send me a copy"

4. Press Send.

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