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Set a new thumbnail for your video
Set a new thumbnail for your video

Sometimes a thumbnail won't load, has appeared as the default "stripes" thumbnail, or isn't the one you want. Here's how to change it.

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Sometimes Vimeo (which hosts all of Syngency's videos) has trouble generating a thumbnail for a newly-uploaded video.

If you see an activity spinner, then Syngency is waiting for Vimeo to finish encoding the video, and generate a thumbnail:

If the thumbnail is Vimeo's default "stripes" image, then Vimeo has failed to generate a thumbnail for your video:

Sometimes the automatically generated thumbnail isn't one that represents your video very well. You might get something like this:

Either way, you can now generate a new thumbnail of your choosing.

Just open the video in the gallery viewer, enter the second of the video's duration that you would like to create the thumbnail from, and click the Set Thumbnail button:

Syngency will fetch the frame from Vimeo and set it as the video's new thumbnail.

In addition to this, we've also added a Download File button to the video viewer window, so you can download the original file that was uploaded to Vimeo:

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