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How to set Reminders for your Dashboard

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Need to be reminded of a Contract expiring or to renew a talent Visa?  No problem, you can set reminders for your Dashboard in three easy steps.

Before you start, make sure you have Reminders appearing on your Dashboard.  If not, go to My Account and ensure that you have Reminders ticked to appear on your Dashboard.  
(Remember you can drag and drop the boxes on your Dashboard in the order you prefer)

Now to set a Reminder:

1. Reminders are set in a Talent profile under Dates.  Click into the Talent profile and select the Dates tab.

 2. Click Add Date and add a Description (this will appear on your Dashboard        along with the Talent name).  You can fill out as much or as litte information as you wish, however you do need to set Dates in order for the Reminder to work.
 3.Select a Reminder timeframe (days before start/end date) and choose the number of days before start/end date. Save

Reminders set will currently appear for all agents who have Reminders on their Dashboard.  The reminders are hyperlinked to the talent profile they are set for.

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