Linking talent in bookings

Linking talent with common fees and schedules within a booking can make updating information across all talent quick and easy.

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In many cases you may be booking large numbers of talent who all have the same fees and schedules. This is common for runway shows, events, or castings.

By linking the talent with common details, you can simply change the schedule or fee for one person, and it will update the matching details for everyone linked to them.

Linking talent in a new booking

When adding a new booking from the Calendar, check the Linked checkbox next to the Talent dropdown.

Linking talent in an existing booking

You can quickly link different talent within a booking, by right-clicking on their name and selecting Link from the popup menu.

You will see a "link" icon next to the talent's name once they have been linked:

To unlink them, right-click on their name and select Unlink:

You can also link new talent to existing talent, when cloning their details from the Add Talent window:

Adding linked schedules and fees

To add schedules and fees to linked talent, simply click on the tab for one of the linked talent in the booking, and add a new schedule or fee.

The schedule or fee will appear in the talents' tab:

With the same schedule or fee appearing in the tabs of each of the talent linked in the booking:

Updating linked schedules and fees

When a schedule or fee for a linked talent is updated, all of the schedules or fees matching the current details of the item, will be updated with the new details.


Take the Option above as an example. Changing the Type, Start/End , Location, or Notes of that schedule, will update any other linked schedules which are an Option on February 7, 2020 TBC.


Likewise, editing the Description, Quantity, Rate, Amount, or associated charges (Agency Fee etc) for a Fee or Expense:

Will update the same details in the Fee or Expense item linked in other talent's tabs.

Linking & Unlinking

As soon as a talent is unlinked from the others in the booking, their schedules and fees will no longer be updated from other talent's tabs. 

If you re-link a talent after unlinking them, changes made to the other linked talent will only update the re-linked talent if the item's details exactly match those of the item being edited.

For example, if you add a $200 fee to all linked talent, then unlink one person and change their fee to $150, their fee will be $150 and the others still $200.
Re-linking that person and changing their fee to $250 will not update the other talent's fees to $250, because their fee was still set at $200, and the fee you are editing was originally $150.

Deleting linked schedules and fees

Be mindful of which talent are linked when you are deleting any schedules or fees, as the same above rules apply.

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